Hi.  I'm Marilee.  Welcome to my web site.

Before you enter my web site, there are some things you should know. 

See the picture of the guys to the left?  Well, they're kind of crazy. In the top row on the left is Joel.  Joel will do anything my brother Jeremiah tells him to do.  Jeremiah is standing next to him.  Jeremiah once told Joel to rip the head off of a pit bull.  It wasn't pretty, but he did it.

In the front row on the left in my Grandpa Charley.  He's telling my brother Josh standing next to him how to torture young punks that show disrespect for girls. Josh has a black belt in Tai Kwon Do.  So does Jeremiah.

Oh. So do I.

Next to Josh is Josh's friend, David, who is in the US Army and kicks down doors in hostile Iraq.  He'll do most anything Josh tells him especially it he thinks he won't get caught.  

Then there's Dad. You should stay clear of him.  He's scary. He likes to eat sticks. He doesn't have any black belts - but he has lots of guns. When Dad went to the NRA convention in Seattle, his favorite bumper sticker was "Beware of dog. He eats everything I shoot." He laughed his head off.  He likes to shoot things for fun.  Next to Dad is Uncle Ray.  He makes Dad look normal. 

Just so you know. If you mess with Marilee, you mess with Joel, Jeremiah, Charley, Josh, Dave, Dad and Ray. The Marks's have nasty tempers. It's in our chromosomes.

So ... if you understand the consequences for inappropriate behavior, you have our permission to visit my web site, <>.   I just thought you'd want to know.

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